Glory of Zion
The First Station

פתיחה מחודשת

Hebron Rd 28, JLM
Hebron Rd 28, JLM
Doors Open 18:00 Doors Open
Opening Ceremony 18:30 Opening Ceremony
“Behold, the new has come” 19:30 “Behold, the new has come”

Please Join Us

Whether you are a visitor from the nations, or live locally, we would like to personally invite you to visit the ministry center to worship and connect with us here in Jerusalem. Please continue to read through the links on this website if you would like to learn more about Glory of Zion Jerusalem ministries, or become connected.

President: Daniel Pierce

April 2019: Our New Place

We are moving to a new place for our ministry center in Jerusalem
We are working hard to get it done by the end of April 2019.
To make that dream come true, we need your help.


Who Are We?

Glory of Zion Jerusalem is an international ministry center established and registered as a Non Profit organization in Jerusalem, Israel since April of 2017. Glory of Zion Ministries operates on an apostolic model with a call to activate spiritual gifts and seek the prophetic will of God for both Israel and the nations.

Goals & Vision

Glory of Zion Jerusalem considers God’s desire for the creation of one new man through the salvation of believers from both gentile and Jewish backgrounds to be foundational, both to this ministry and to seeking the restoration of God’s glory in Zion.

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