Glory of Zion Israel is an Apostolic Center located in Jerusalem, Israel and headed by Daniel and Amber Pierce, both of whom have a strong call to God’s chosen land.  The Ministry Center is an extention Glory of Zion International Ministries, the ministry of Apostle Chuck Pierce. 

Daniel and Amber Pierce

Daniel and Amber Pierce are a “Firstfruits” from Glory of Zion International that has been sown into God’s covenant land, Israel. Their faith and zeal for the Good News uniquely equips them to serve and bless the people of that region. In addition to serving in Israel, they travel internationally to stir hope, faith and healing in the Body of Messiah. Daniel and Amber, along with their children, Lily and Elijah (and a new addition coming in September), live in Jerusalem.

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The Glory of Zion Israel Ministry Center

The Glory of Zion Ministry Center is a modern facility whose sole purpose and desire is to cultivate worship, prayer, and discipleship for the local and international Body. Located in the center of Jerusalem in one of the most vibrant and accessible areas of the Talpiyot neighborhood, we are able to serve the community with a venue for Bible studies and training for children and families, as well as other non-ministry related activities. As believers, our identity is rooted in Israel. We could not come to fullness without a gathering place to connect the gifts that reside and so frequently visit the Holy Land. We welcome you to join us for any of our weekly meetings. Blessings to you!

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