While the last month has been one of the busiest seasons we can remember, God has been using this time to do a tremendous work in our lives, and in Jerusalem! Saturday night reached new heights as Stefan Mihaescu ushered us into prophetic worship.  Dave Sharret (pictured below) then shared about ministry in the world of business, and how God calls us to be a witness in every walk of life. At the end of the meeting, two guests from Bethel Redding released a strong prophetic word God had given them over the Ministry Center, and began to pray for people personally as God led them. Nearly everyone at the meeting came forward for ministry and experienced a touch from the Lord!


Marty Cassady Ministers at Ministry Center!
Last week we had Marty Cassady with us here in Jerusalem.  She spoke at the Glory of Zion Ministry Center on Saturday, July 2, and again on Tuesday, July 4.  Marty shared many of her personal testimonies of angelic encounters and ministered about how God uses these experiences to bring us into heavenly realms. Last Monday, Amber and Marty made a trip to Beit EL (the sight of Jacob’s dream) and had a powerful experience with the Lord as they pressed into intercession for the portals of Heaven to be opened. Before leaving, Marty stood with us in making a decree that a new portal would be open over Jerusalem and over the new Ministry Center, and that angelic visitation would increase in the Body!


The Nations Are Worshiping at the Ministry Center!
Several international groups have also joined us this month, including a Latin group from Chile, Argentina, Costa Rica, as well as Portugal. This group had an incredible worship team and it was a real blessing to hear Spanish music here in Jerusalem as it reminds us of Texas. I think one of the greatest blessings we experience is connecting with the nations in worship. We were very blessed by this group and the words that were released in the meeting.

https://gloryofzion.org/images/DAPierce.JPG https://gloryofzion.org/images/DAPierce.JPG

Please pray that the Lord will quicken our time and continue providing everything we need for weekly meetings and the operation of the Ministry Center.  Over the last month, God has been very faithful in bringing us the right people for our worship team, and continues to build the apostolic foundation of the Center.  He is also gathering those with a heart to serve in many capacities. We are still seeking the Lord for breakthrough on some logistical points in order to simplify operations so that Amber and I can fully focus on our call.

Please Join Us in Jerusalem for our Weekly Gatherings!
If you live in Jerusalem or will be traveling here, please join us weekly for Wednesday Morning Prayer at 10:30 AM and Saturday Evening Worship at 5:00 PM. The Glory of Zion Ministry Center in Jerusalem is located at Pierre Koenig 37 at the corner of Po’alei Tsedek St. directly opposite the Hadar mall in Talpiyot neighborhood. Guests should enter the building hallway near the furniture store at Po’alei Tsedek #2 and take the elevator or stairs to the first floor where the ministry center entrance is located.

Daniel and Amber

Postpone Shavuot Pentecost gathering

Hello everybody,
Unfortunately we're decided to postpone Shavuot conference and the Israel tour duo to the COVID-19 virus.

The dates are still unknown because of the situation.

You can stay tuned via our website or social media.


You can join us to our online worship service at Wednesdays at 18:30.

May God Bless all of you.

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