Dear Friends,

What an exciting season and time we are living in. The Lord has been doing so much here in Jerusalem, at the Ministry Center, and in our lives personally. We want to take the opportunity to thank everyone who has partnered with us and what God is doing at the Glory of Zion Center in Jerusalem. We hope that many of you will have the opportunity to join us in person as the Lord leads you.

What’s Going on with the Pierce Family?

As many of you know, we are expecting our third baby!! We couldn’t be more excited. Last week we found out that we are going to be blessed with a baby boy! Amber has been feeling really good in her 2nd trimester and is still going strong. On April 16th, our lovely daughter, Lily, turned 9 years old and we celebrated with a tea party-themed birthday.


Glory of Zion International Ministry Jerusalem!

There has been an acceleration in all things within our community here. Recently, we hosted Robert and Linda Heidler for a conference on The Apostolic Church Arising. It was a time to equip the Body of Believers here in the land on the importance and mandate of functioning as the Church did in the first century. Recently, there has been such an increase in the realm of worship. Each week feels different, as in what the Lord is accomplishing each time, but you can definitely feel an increase in the anointing and glory. More and more people are being released to worship the Lord in dance and expressive acts. We are believing for more.

There is much momentum and acceleration, and with that we are adding some ways for our local body to get plugged in on a deeper level. These include:

A spiritual gifts class where Dave Sharett will be ministering

A new dance class

A weekly evening where we will pray for your nations from our Ministry Center in Jerusalem (to send your prayer requests please email,

And last but not least, in addition to our already up and thriving homeschool group, we are adding a youth ministry for teens age 13-17. We are currently looking for more space to expand our children’s and youth ministry. This would be a great opportunity to give into Israel!

We appreciate your prayer and giving for Israel. You may donate to the work of the Glory of Zion Ministry Center in Jerusalem by clicking HERE or by calling 1 (940) 382-7231.

Guest Speakers at GZI Jerusalem!

As we have settled in and are becoming more established here in Jerusalem, we are starting to invite the nations to come and minister at the Ministry Center. This past Saturday evening, we were honored to have Jenny and Steve Watson come with a team from England and minister with prophetic decrees, declarations and worship. Coming later this month, we have a lineup of powerful apostolic and prophetic leaders. Among them are Chuck Pierce, Venner Alston, Tim Carscadden, Myles and Katherine Weiss, and Alemu Beeftu. Our hearts are expectant for all that the Lord is going to release and equip the Body of Messiah with. This Saturday (May 12), we are looking forward to Dave Sharett ministering. Dave always brings encouraging news of what God is doing in Jerusalem through powerful testimonies.

The Land of Israel!

What a time of jubilee and celebration we’ve been in as Israel has stepped into her 70th year as a modern nation. As many of you know, there has been rain in exponential amounts which prophetically symbolize the open heavens and release of floodgates. In conjunction with the 70th year anniversary, Chuck Pierce and the two of us have been invited to a celebration at the Israeli Knesset (Parliament), along with the US ambassador, several Knesset members and many diplomats.

National Prayer Request for Israel!

On May 10th, we woke up to the news that Iranian forces inside of Syria had launched a barrage of missiles aimed at Israeli military positions on the Golan Heights. Israel responded to the attack by launching massive air strikes against Iranian positions all over the southern half of Syria.

Please pray over the next two weeks that God will supernaturally protect our soldiers serving in the IDF, as well as the Israeli home front.

Pray that the Lord would reveal every plan of the enemy, especially along the border regions of Syria and Lebanon.

Please be in prayer for the safety and peace of Jerusalem as we enter this time of celebration and acknowledgement of God’s purpose over this city.

Thank the Lord for every nation that has chosen to stand with Israel in this seventieth year of return.

Pray that God’s will would come full circle and bring new beginnings in a new season.

Please know how grateful we are for each of you partnering with us, praying for us, and encouraging us. We are blessed!

With Love,

Daniel, Amber, Lily, and Elijah Pierce

Postpone Shavuot Pentecost gathering

Hello everybody,
Unfortunately we're decided to postpone Shavuot conference and the Israel tour duo to the COVID-19 virus.

The dates are still unknown because of the situation.

You can stay tuned via our website or social media.


You can join us to our online worship service at Wednesdays at 18:30.

May God Bless all of you.

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